Direct Trading the future of coffee

To understand first what is direct trading, one must ask: is this necessary? Trade coffee beans directly with coffee producers? 

The answer to that is yes, of course! Accountability, sustainability are ways in which we can continue to enrich the lives of coffee producers and sharing better coffee with consumers all round the world. 

Direct trade - simply put is an approach of coffee sourcing that instead of purchasing coffee from dealers, roasters are able to deal with coffee farmers directly - finding a common ground in which both are happy with results for a win-win situation.  

As such, Aaron had his first direct trade intention from the first hand picked cherries. He worked alongside coffee farmers at Gayo Highlands for three years in which he not only came to an understanding, but he learnt their ways and understood how coffee influences their livelihood. 

For each coffee products that Aaron and the coffee farmers processed, it represents hard work, dedication and most importantly a promise that consumers will only get the best tasting coffee. Coffee that can be brewed through espresso, hand brewing and of course cold brew method. 

Join Aaron as he shares his coffee experience with everyone. 


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