About Us



Hands Koffee believes in providing better quality coffee beans that is trade directly with coffee producers. 

From its plantation of coffee seedling, to the efforts of processing coffee beans for optimum flavours, Hands Koffee is the platform in which coffee producers are able to purchase quality coffee at resonable prices for home and for specialty cafes. For more regular updates, follow up on social media





Aaron begun his coffee journey since 2015 when competing at Chicago Coffee Fest Latte Art Competition. He landed Top 32. Since then, he choose to follow his passion to be a Barista Champion that people will one day look up to.

In 2017, Aaron started working closely with coffee farmers to produce delicious coffee. Aaron learnt from the locals the processes of coffee tree, from farming to the final product, green beans. He saw the potential in direct trading and understanding the importance of balance between coffee producer and coffee distributor.

Aaron aims to only trade directly and to produce better coffee beans to brew at home and for extracting in cafe.

"The best coffee is when you know where it comes from, how it was processed, and most importantly, coffee producers and coffee consumers benefits"