Brewing Tools

We offer a variety of brewing tools that one can use to pair with our coffee beans. In this collection, we feature Cores, Kinto and V60 Pour Over (to come).
We believe that coffee should be enjoyed even during the craziest, busy days as it brings a moment of serenity to its brewer.  For more information on how to brew, please visit our recipe pages. 



KINTO Design Concept

All of KINTO products are based on Japanese sensible and conscientious ideas to make our lives comfortable. The original idea came from their product development team, which researches the people’s needs everyday and draw the original concepts of products. The team member picks to work a free-lance designer according to the targeted design code and materials, so we enjoy developing wide variety of products. We keep on producing fresh and unique designs with a Japanese viewpoint throughout a year.
Furthermore, we keep challenging the creation of products, and it is our principle to offer life-long designs stand close to our daily lives until today and now on.



Cores Gold Filter is designed for making aromatic coffee with good flavoru. If you have really good quality coffee beans, you can enjoy full flavour of coffee bean by brewing with Cores.

For Cores Gold Filter, mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change occurs as a result. From the above reasons,it is little affected to the taste and flavours of coffee. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slit, the gold filter can a short brewing time at a very high temperature.