Vol 1. How to Froth Your Milk

When making your latte, as beginners, trial and error are often made without the right technique. In this series, Aaron shares his tips on how to froth your milk properly so you can practise the right way. Tag us @handskoffee for a feature! 


 "Before even frothing your milk, it is important to learn the fundamental rule of placing in the steam wand into your pitcher" 
Aaron Phua Yi Ren 


For this Vol 1. You need

  • A pitcher 
  • Espresso machine with steam wand
  • Thermometer 
  • Milk 




 When adding milk into your pitcher, pour your milk to the dotted line (which is about half an inch under the pitcher spout). This should be enough for a cup (for your smaller pitcher). When you place your steam wand into your pitcher, ensure that the wand is submerged an inch deeper into the pitcher as per image above. Now steam your milk. When steaming milk, ensure that you have reached about 40 degrees before doing the next step. 




When your thermometer reaches 40 degrees, its time to push your pitcher lower so the tip of the wand covers the surfaces of the milk. Its imperative that milk does not splatter everywhere as this is how you introduce air into your milk that helps create foam. Do this until it reaches about 50 degrees (so its really fast, but keep practising!) 



When the milk pitcher is starting to feel warm to your hands, it is time to move to step 3 which is to submerge the tip of steam wand into the milk as picture above. Step 2 is to introduce air into the milk and step 3 is to control the air introduced into the picther. This steam is crucial in order to have a result of silk smooth milk. When it reached 70 degrees, its time to stop. If you wish for slightly hotter milk, you can steam milk up to 80 degrees but that is the maximum as any more than that would result to burnt milk. 


Finally, keep practising! 


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