Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale
Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale
Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale
Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale
Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale


Acaia Lunar 2021 Scale

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Reintroducing the essential Lunar scale, now with brand new abilities and features!  This includes our latest weighing technology, a faster response time, a built-in Flow-Rate Indicator, USB-C charging, and a brighter display for seamless daily use.

The scale still has all the familiar features you love, including several auto-start modes, 0.1 g accuracy, and a rechargeable battery with more than 30 hours of life.

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  • FAST, SENSITIVE & RESPONSIVE - With the latest weighing technology, the Lunar stabilizes faster during brewing, saving you precious time and creating a smooth workflow.
  • REAL-TIME FLOW-RATE INDICATORThe new Flow-Rate Indicator allows you to monitor the flow rate of your shot in real time. This lets you spot the subtle changes in the extraction, understand your shot better, and make adjustments for a perfect espresso.
  • CUSTOMISABLE ESPRESSO WORKFLOW PARAMETERS - Built-in espresso modes will automatically start and stop a timer or tare to speed up your preferred workflow. The new Tare Save function allows you to store the tare weight of your preferred dosing container or cup.
  • USB TYPE-C RECHARGING - A greener alternative power source, the lithium-ion battery can last up to 30-40 hours. In addition, we have upgraded the charging port to USB Type-C with PD Support, which contributes to longer battery life and protection.
  • HIGHEST READABILITY UP TO 0.01G - The Lunar offers a high readability option of 0.01 g, which gives you an extra digit of reference for the most accurate espresso weight.


Dimensions :(W)105 mm (L) 105 mm (H) 15 mm
Weight : 265 g ± 5 g
Maximum Capacity : 2000 g / 70.55 oz
Minimum Weight : 0.1 g
Readability : 0.1 g
Reapeatability : 0.1 g
Linearity : 1 d
Battery  : Lithium-ion rechargeable3.7 V 1100 mAh
Battery Life : Up to 27 hours
Power Supply :  5 V / 500 mA
Warranty  : 2 Years