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KINTO Coffee Jug 300ml
KINTO Coffee Jug 300ml
KINTO Coffee Jug 300ml


KINTO Coffee Jug 300ml

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SLOW COFFEE STYLE is a coffeeware series born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time. The elegantly formed carafe and the jug with playful messages can be used with the solid stainless steel filter. Other essential accessories are available to elevate your experience of hand-dripping coffee. This series broadens and gives depth to your daily ritual of brewing an aromatic cup of coffee.


Place either the porcelain brewer or the plastic brewer on the jug. The transparent heat-resistant glass lets you see the dripping process, and you can measure the amount of dripped coffee when it reaches the dot printed on the surface of the server.

Coffee jug 300ml

ø85 x H105 x W130 mm / 450 ml