Honey 48
Honey 48
Honey 48


Honey 48

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For the adventurous coffee drinker, this coffee offers complexity in every sip when consume hot and warm, even cold! 

Our favourite way of consuming this coffee is via pour over or french press #delish

Coffee Farm: Ratawali, Gayo Highlands (Indonesia)
Varietal: Typica and Super Ateng
mASL: 1,400 - 1,700 masl 
Process: Honey Process

After depulping coffee, coffee producers would then keep these coffee in a bag and left to ferment in a darkroom for at least 48 hours (hence the name 48). The coffee is then dried on an African raised bed with its mucilage on for 28 - 35 days inside the green house.

Tasting Note
Green Apple, Hints of Floral, Red tea finish