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Lot 30 - Wholesale
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Lot 30 - Wholesale

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Introducing the very first Coffee Processing Method by our founder and the coffee farm manager. This coffee made a big hit in Malaysia Market with its unexpected flavours from the region. 

Full of flavours, bold and extremely delicious in both espresso and pour-over.

Coffee Farm: Ratawali, Gayo Highlands (Indonesia)
Varietal: Typica and Super Ateng
mASL: 1,400 - 1,700 masl 
Process: Natural 

These coffee are hand picked when fully ripen and it is then places on an African Raised Bed in a green house for at least 28 - 35 days drying until it reaches preferred moisture level.

Tasting Note:
Floral, Berries, Passionfruit Aroma, Plum, Raisin, Black Tea
This coffee packaging comes in 4 units of 250gram